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We are very proud of the high quality of products here at Quality Pursuit, and over the years, many of our customers have written to us of their satisfaction. Here are a few of our favorite comments.

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Excellent Pocket Guide

They are excellent reference books and I use them internally in our training program for Internal Auditors. The feedback from the group as a whole has been terrific. Most are experiencing both Deming and ISO for the first time, but I think that they are being exposed to two necessary ingredients for System improvement in a straightforward and simple approach.

Kevin Mader Thule, Inc.

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What A Help

My audit team of 14 use these pocket guides to walk the audit process. The guides are designed to simplify an overwhelming task. The guides are easy to use and highlighted for visual aids. Ever time the standard changes, I purchase these guides for myself and everyone on my audit team. Thank you for the “The End” part of the booklet, a must read for everyone, brings both parties into perspective! I’ve been a long time customer and plan to be a life long one. Thank you for publishing this guide and I highly recommend it to everyone!

Suzin Marshall

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Great QMS Tool

When I first came across the ISO 9001:2008 pocket guide, I instantly saw the value. The color coding within help to show auditors what they will be looking for, and what management needs to do to be compliant to the standard. The standards are not easy to decipher, and these guides make it easy. Now that 2015 is coming along, this is a MUST HAVE for all people in your company. I was so impressed with this product, that I became a distributor at www.qualityalacarte.com. You may as well set up an account with QP, because after you get one and look through it, you will order more. Enjoy this great product!

Richard Hinton Quality Ala Carte

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Excellent reference for implementing and improving a Quality Management System as well as use in internal and external audits of a Quality Management System.

Francis de Guzmn

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Good booklet for your Aerospace applications personnel.

Perfect for all Aerospace operating and front office personnel.

Dan 5050

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Five Stars

Good source to have.

Rowe Boat

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It’s a good place to start in beginning to digest the new …

The book provides helpful summaries of somewhat complex concepts. It’s a good place to start in beginning to digest the new standard.

Amazon Customer

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These Pocket Guides Are Worth Their Weight In Gold

This will be our companies 2nd purchase of the handbooks “An Audit of the System, not of the People”. We are a AS9100 and ISO 13485 Certified company that lives and dies by regulatory and statutory requirements. These pocket guides are worth their weight in gold. Not only are the Pocket Guides compact, but they take what I would call a very wordy requirement and break it down into an easy to read format. Great product and a must have in my book!

David A.